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Top 5 Gift Ideas that you should definitely look into

Peshawar is a place which has a variety of options all catered to help you make the best possible choice, and now with 'Darewro' that's possible.

Top 5 Gift Ideas that you should definitely look into

We believe that one of the best things that you can gift anyone is something that comes naturally from your own mind, thoughts, willfulness, and well other than that whatever ‘Darewro’ has on their app.

Darewro believes in empowering their customers in the best possible way by sense of their needs before time, and in order to facilitate the process even further we’ve developed our application into a whole different medium that tends to serve at your ‘personal Assistant’ and according to our motto and desire to serve presents a notion where your needs are met.

We’ve collaborated with a number of local partners who deal in quality and excellence, we’ve introduced a whole new system where we provide flowers, gifts, chocolates and anything that’s customizable by acquiring your needs and giving you end products that fit in the best possible way.

We’ve got a host of items and a list of things that you should definitely check out:

1. Flowers and Chocolates


Imagine sitting in a room, an office, a zone, and you suddenly are reminded of the love and happiness that your heart occupies when you think of your loved ones, and suddenly you’re far away, yet you wanna be close to them and surprise them?

The solution here is all in our ‘Darewro’ app, just open it, select what you want to send, place the order and watch us put a smile on the faces of your loved ones, all coming from you, to your loved ones, all through ‘Darewro’.


2. Balloons and Chocolates


Balloons and Chocolates are the best friend of anyone who is interested and believes in the essence of surprises, we believe that no gift is without an essence, and the reason to spread a smile on someone’s face can happen from anywhere?

In your room, in your office, in another country, just one click, and we’ll arrive at your loved ones doors with a box full of Chocolates, and balloons to signify happiness, and to add a layer of grace to the reason why you ‘love’ them so much.


3. Anniversary Gifts


We know that one of the biggest tests that a man or a women can have is being away from their loved ones, and in our life, time is so monotonous that we often forget dates, plans and important timelines.

Well worry no more, if you forget a certain timeline and are instantly reminded, we’ve got you covered, no matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing, we have a wide range of selections, and also customizable options to create the perfect gift for your ‘loved ones’ and we’ll show up at your door, or at your loved one’s door, any address with a surprise that you, or they will never be able to forget.


4. Birthday Gifts


Every 1 minute in Pakistan about 3 babies are born, with a population rate that’s this rapid, who can ever keep track of ‘Birthdays’, and if one is instantly reminded, then the hardest haste is to plan something, whether it’s a gift, it’s a cake, it’s a party theme, and well when one can’t think of solutions, you should better believe that ‘Darewro’ has done that thinking on your part.

We have a host of selections, whether its gifts, cakes, or any option that you need in the best possible way to make sure that your occasions and your gather are uplifted and celebrated the right way, just download the ‘Darewro App’ and give us a chance to delight you instantly.


5. Get-Well-Soon Gifts


We’re living in a region where we often prefer and go with the principles of ‘Mel-mast-ya’, we believe that serving anyone, may they be our guests, our family, anyone close to us is very essential, and we should definitely be there for them when they’re sick or going through something.

But due to a lot of things, we may not always be present, but nothing signifies presence more than a lovely ‘gift’ and that is something we’re here to provide via our app at ‘Darewro’.