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Top 5 finds on the best Nashta in Peshawar

When looking for the best 'Nashta' in Peshawar, look to no other than 'Darewro' for facilitation and assistance

Top 5 finds on the best Nashta in Peshawar

As we all know that Peshawar has played host to a number of great places, be it shopping, dining, gatherings or anything as such, but one question that we at ‘Darewro’ are often asked is, what are someone of the good options that we can avail as customers to be able to start out our mornings, and what other way to start ones morning than with ‘Nashta’.

Here are the top 5 places that we definitely think you should try:

1.Peshori Khalis Foods

This place has truly became a highlight of the rich culture, taste and variety that comes along with the ‘Nashta’ of ‘Peshawar’, have you ever tried to munch delicious ‘Halwa Puri’ which is prepared in ‘Pure Desi Ghee’ that too right in-front of you, and pairing that with ‘Halwa’ which you can complimentary with every order of ‘Puri’s’.

If that pairing is not enough to entice you, one can always go and add another layer by adding ‘Cholay’ which too are prepared in the best possible way, and pack a tangy punch. This is our number one suggestion to anyone who wants to go for a quality and completely breakfast, and all of this is facilitated via delivery by your very own ‘Darewro’.


2. Piyali

Piyali is a new entrant when it comes to the ‘Breakfast’ side, but we must take initiative to tell you that it serves proper ‘Lahore Styled’ breakfast may it be their ‘Cholay’ or their ‘Halwa Puri’, or ‘Aloo Bhujia’ amongst other items, you get to see variety, taste, and also a new flavor profile which is unlike seem in ‘Peshawar’.

It is located in Hayatabad, which makes the issue of accessibility very easy, and best option for people who are looking for ‘Desi Nashta’ residing in the vicinity of Hayatabad, all being facilitated by ‘Darewro’.

3. Tayto

Tayto is a new entrant in the market for ‘Peshawar’ but don’t be fooled by the new entrant status, in this restaurant, we see a full day running ‘Breakfast’ which has both a Continental and English style, you will get to see variety, pairing and also exclusiveness when it comes to timing, so you are able to integrate things and enjoy a quality breakfast anything, and every time you call upon ‘Darewro’.

The items in their menu are delicious, paired up with a lot of options that you are unlikely to find anywhere else in terms of ‘Peshawar’.

4. Bombay Chowpatty

You’ve heard a lot about different options in our suggestions, but one suggestion where you will see a lot of variety, and not just that but pairings, deals and exclusive options, there is no other than ‘Bombay Chowpatty’ be it their ‘Nihari’, their ‘Qeema’, their ‘Bhujia’ or anything associated with breakfast, trust us, they are more than happy to accommodate, make, and deliver in the best possible way, all of which is being facilitated by ‘Darewro’.

5. Sheikh Paye

When it comes to ‘Nashta’ and that too from ‘Peshawar’ then how can one leave out ‘Siri Paye’, a delicious gravy which is made from countless rendering down of spices, oils, and a variety of meats to be able to accommodate something delicious, all of that you’ll find at ‘Sheikh Paye’.

We believe in making sure our customers get the best of flavors, and this is a name which we’ll proudly vouch for, delivering exclusively via ‘Darewro’.