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'Darewro' has a feature rich app which offers an extensive range of services, being the best Delivery Service in Peshawar, we believe in taking ownership of our customers needs, wants and future requirements.

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Why Choose Us

Our story is straightforward; we believe in empowering our customers by enabling them to do more, feel better and live happier. We also believe that services delivery must be a hassle-free and exciting process. We aim to transform the everyday experiences of businesses on how to send and receive their goods and also empowering them by expanding horizon of customers for them. We are also empowering them via our state-of-the-art technology.

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Cusomized Delivery

Darewro takes pride in providing an experience where customers can order via multiple points.

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Safety and Security

Darewro takes a lot of careful consideration about protecting your parcels and privacy.

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Speed of Delivery

Speed is one thing we're known for along with efficiency we believe in delivering excellence.

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We believe that a service is reliable only and only if the customers are happy.

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We believe in delivering excellence in every factor of our linked chain of services.

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Special Needs

Darewro has a highly flexible model and its services can always be tailored as per your needs.

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We believe in doing our best in order to bring a model based on metrics rather than a flat rate.

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Ease of placing order

We have our own app, and so many specialized channels for customer order facilitation.

About Us

Darewro Delivery Services

Darewro is an on-demand delivery service that connects customers with local businesses. We are passionate about enabling the community we serve, to do more, feel better and live happier by sending/receiving anything, anytime anywhere within an hour or scheduled time. Founded in June, 2013 with a mission to empower local economies in a connected world, Darewro is committed to enable new ways of Working, Earning and Living. By building the on-demand delivery infrastructure, Darewro aims to bring communities closer, ensuring the services delivery as convenient as possible with as minimum charges

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